The target

"bizgirls and bizguys" : young professionals (finance, investment banking, business lawyers, private equity...). This highly international population is usually attracted by speed-dating, but is currently lacking a service that offers events only with attendance limited to their social background. This is exactly what direct-soir is about.

Why "direct-soir" ? "Soir", evening, adds a french touch. Easy to remember and evocative...

How it works

People need to be invited by another member to be able to register on our web site. Using the online service they can contact other members. They can also attend events where they will be able to speak during 7 minutes to successively 7 different persons. Speaking about work or giving contact information should be avoided. Those events gather at least 20 different persons, so people can mix freely after.

After the event, people log in to our web site. They enter the number of the dates they would like to meet again. Each time a couple enters each other's number we disclose contact information and they are free to schedule a new date.

We are planning events in Paris, London and New York City. Our last event happened in New York in January 2009 and was a success.

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